What have I unleashed?

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Insomnia. It’s a foreign land for me.

In school my nickname was Dormouse. I used to fall asleep at my desk in school, yet miraculously knew the answers to the questions my teachers would rudely awaken me with.

I used to fall asleep at parties. Usually in a quiet corner, but occasionally in odd places like chimney breasts. I once, infamously, fell asleep standing up on a dance floor, in the middle of a crowded nightclub.

And so, insomnia is not something I normally have to deal with.

Part of it was this terrible hacking cough I have. Part of it was painsomnia.

But more than that, my brain decided to churn out at least four blog posts at the same time. The words kept spinning around and around in my head, trying to find a way out. Yet I was paralysed and couldn’t get up to write them down.

It seems I need this blog more than I ever thought. My words need their freedom and won’t give me peace, won’t let me sleep, until I let them out.

2016 may be a very prolific year.



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