Don’t yuck my yum*

*full credit for this phrase goes to the lovely ladies at Mealtime Hostage. I’m not sure exactly who came up with it, but that’s where I heard it first.

There are no bad foods. Let me repeat that. No. Food. Is. Inherently. Bad.

Actually, that’s not 100% true. There are three scenarios in which a food may be bad.

1. It is laced with poison such as arsenic. By an assassin. You won’t know about it till it’s too late.

2. It is contaminated with E. coli or some other pathogen. So go ahead and throw out that bowl of mould and slime at the back of your fridge.

3. You are allergic to it. And I mean, a medically proven allergy such as peanut or coeliac. Not some vague notion suggested to you by a naturopath.

That’s it.

In all other situations, food is food.

People get too hung up on making moral assumptions based on food choices.

Stop doing that.

That girl you see gulping down that double cheeseburger when you think she could gain by losing some weight? She could be trying to recover from an eating disorder. You don’t need to be thin to have an Eating Disorder. And if you call her out on it, she may suffer a fatal relapse.

That boy eating a bowl of icecream instead of his lunch, which clearly means he’s a spoilt brat? Maybe he has Selective Eating Disorder and icecream is one of the few foods he will eat. And if you call him out on it, he may lose the ability to eat even that.

That mother in the supermarket, her trolley filled with cheap hotdogs and packaged food, who is clearly poisoning her kids with toxins? Maybe she and her kids are homeless and need food they can eat that they don’t need to cook. And if you call her out on it, you just add to her shame and guilt.

So, stop it. Stop with the food shaming. Keep your eyes on your own plate.

Don’t yuck my yum!


[image is of three balls of chocolate icecream and a wafer roll, covered with lines of chocolate syrup. They are in a white bowl, on a beige canvas tablecloth, next to a dessert spoon.]

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