Writing my pain away. 

A cough I picked up over the Christmas holidays turned into a chest infection. After three nights of no sleep due to coughing fits, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics. And just when it was clearing up, I woke up yesterday morning with a migraine. I managed to crawl back into bed when the kids went to school, and fortunately slept it off. Then, just when that was clearing up, my peripheral neuropathy came springing back into my life, having been away for about a month. That familiar itching, burning, tingling and painful feeling in the soles of my feet. And then cue another headache, but this time caused by TMJ and neck issues, just in time for bed. And then in bed, my tummy rumbled, reminding me that when pain comes roaring back into my life, my urge to eat vanishes. It never rains but it pours. 

And so, it’s back to basics. Back to step by step pain and lifestyle management. 

Painkillers, capsaicin cream, ice packs, heat packs. 

Scheduled meals every hour. 

Rest, naps, early nights. 


And writing. This is a new one for the list. Feet up, heat pack on my neck, snacks by my side, tucked up in bed, writing. I never knew writing could be such a sedative, such a painkiller, such a distraction from my woes. I’m definitely adding it to my arsenal of pain-relief choices. And because I use an iPad and predictive text, I only need one finger to be able to do so. No holding pens awkwardly, no clunky keyboards. I can dim the screen as well. Yet another reason I have for being grateful for technology. 


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