Book Review: Big Magic

My husband bought me Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things for my birthday last year. That was in March. Because I was having one of my ‘I can’t read fiction’ episodes, I didn’t read it until October. And I was blown away. It is most definitely my favourite book of all time. Especially since it combines my passions of botany plus strong nineteenth century heroines. I wanted to write a review of it, but I’ve lent it to my mom, and I like re-reading books before I review them. And my mom’s not the best at returning books promptly, so… I’ll review another book of hers instead. 

Big Magic is Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book. My husband got it for me for Christmas. Perfect timing, it was actually what gave me the final push I needed to start this blog in earnest. It’s subtitle is “Creative Living Beyond Fear” and that really is the central theme of the book. A primer in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 

It seemed a bit weird at first, to be reading a book of non-fiction, a sort of ‘self-help guide’ from an author whose only other book I had read was a work of pure fiction. I had no idea what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised. It really works, it reads well, it has wise words and sage advice. But also enough personal anecdotes to give it a flow. 

And, although I’m not into spirituality in any way, and I certainly  don’t believe in magic, this book is full of both. And yet, instead of being annoyed by this, I’m enchanted. Because it’s full of enthusiasm and joy and the very essence of creativity and inspiration. It’s very hard to resist. 

And please don’t think that because this book enspired me to write, and that its author is a writer, that it’s limited to that particular creative outlet. It’s sure to inspire creativity in any medium, whether that’s art,music, sport, gardening, cooking, or indeed writing. It’s basically a book about finding what brings you joy, and doing it, and nevermind the fear. 

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