In Mourning

Today is the Disability Day of Mourning.

 This day last year, I had not heard of it. 

This day last year, I was unaware. 

I had no idea that so many disabled people have been killed by those meant to protect them. 

I had no idea that those who murder could get away with it so easily. 

That the phrase “Walk in my shoes” could be used as justification. 

That the difference between condemnation and sympathy would be a diagnosis. 

That is would keep happening, every day, all over the world. 

But now I know. 

And, super empath that I am, I cannot function today. 

I am in mourning. 

Because those children could have been mine. 

Because those people could have been me. 

Because those were people. 

[ image of a black background with white writing that reads: Day of Mourning. Global Vigil on March 1st. Remembering and honouring the lives of Disabled People who were murdered by family members or caretakers.

Underneath the writing is an image of a pile of lit yellow candles. ]

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