Going Cold Turkey

Today is my 39th birthday. As I enter the final year of my thirties, I’ve been thinking of steps I can take to improve my life in little ways. This is going to be The Year of Self Care. 

Right now, the biggest drain on my time is FaceBook. I’ve written before on how much I rely on my online life for support and companionship. The down side of that is that it’s easy to get sucked into the drama and intrigue of other people’s lives. And that’s something I’ve never been good at handling. Also, reading the bad news about the abuse suffered by disabled people takes its toll. There is only so much ableism I can handle of an afternoon. 

I’ve been trying to find a compromise between staying connected and staying sane. I pruned my friends list, the pages I liked, what news I followed. But that in itself takes so much time and effort, so I didn’t get very far with it. 

And then I read this piece by Leia Solo. And I knew what I had to do. Since I made my decision, I’ve noticed quite a few of my autistic friends posting similar sentiments. Seems burnout is effecting us all. No coincidence that this month started off with the Disability Day of Mourning, and ends with the terror induced by April’s “Autism Awareness Month”. I have plenty to write on why awareness is not the great thing people think it is, but that’s for another day. 

I will not be deleting my account, or even deactivating it, as I’m not sure how that would effect the FB page this blog is linked to. But I am deleting the app from my phone and iPad. Hopefully that will be enough to break the addiction. And it really is an addiction. I’ve attempted to leave FB before but only lasted a few weeks. Hopefully this time will be different. Especially now I have this blog as a creative outlet. 

Unlike Leia, I will not be leaving Twitter. It’s a new place for me, and as I’m not really sure how it works, I don’t really use it too much. I like the short snappy style of it, and find it easy to ignore stuff that’s upsetting, especially by not clicking on any links. I may decide to leave it too, if it becomes too much, but in the meantime if anyone wants to follow me, I’m @AutisticZebra

So, that’s it for today. I’m off to buy myself a birthday cake! 
[ image of a two-layered birthday cake, the top layer being smaller than the bottom. It is white with pink icing dribbling down the sides. On top are three lit blue candles.]


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