Bombs on my brain. 

CN: deaths, injuries

Istanbul 28/06/2016 45 dead

Istanbul 19/03/2016 4 dead

Ankara 13/03/2016 37 dead

Ankara 17/02/2016 27 dead

Istanbul 12/01/2016 10 dead

Istanbul 23/12/2015 1 dead

Ankara 10/10/2015 105 dead
Many more, in many cities in Turkey. Countless injured.

And across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the globe.

Ankara, Beirut, Brussels, Cairo, Damascus, Erzincan, Paris… And on and on through the alphabet of my mind.

And each bomb explodes in my head, shatters my heart.

And so, yet again, I am in mourning.
[ image of a Turkish flag, made of a tile mosaic, overlaid with a faint Canva watermark]

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