Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and never ever St. Patty’s Day)

St. Patrick’s Day is here. While the Galway City Parade came and went, a five minute walk from our front door, our family stayed indoors, variously playing Minecraft, reading books, or working. Not for us, the crowds and drunk teenagers stinking of vodka and vomit. Usually we can’t see the parade (we’re too short plus don’t like pushing through the crowd), it’s too cold (though today was warmish), and standing for long periods doesn’t suit us. I did pop over while walking the dog, which he enjoyed, he’s the most sociable member of the family. But, for the rest of the family, it’s just another normal day. Though without school. Very chilled out and relaxed! 

Anyway, here’s a nice little article on why it’s St. Paddy and never St. Patty. There’s a whole hashtag for it on Twitter. #paddynotpatty 

[ image is of a drawing of a shamrock, on a green background, below which are the following words in white: Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Never ever St. Patty’s Day. ]


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