April Colours. 

As it stands, April makes me blue. I am lit up. I am cold. I am depressing. I am like a deep blue pond, impenetrable, unknowable. Austere. Severe. I cast a long blue shadow. 

I could be Gold. Bright. Shiny. Rare. Precious. Gold doesn’t tarnish. Gold lasts forever. But gold on its own is weak. It bends easily. It’s shiny, happy, but doesn’t have enough of a hard edge. Gold swords in Minecraft only offer limited protection. I may mix in some gold, to emphasise my joy and my shine. But gold on its own is not enough for me. 

Taupe? What colour is that, even? That’s the colour chosen to parody the other colours. Tone it Down Taupe amuses me no end. But the point of it is that we should wear it to help those unfortunate victims of Neurotypicality Spectrum Disorder. Those poor fools who can’t stop chatting and making eye contact. And I don’t feel like supporting them. They scare me. And so I won’t be wearing taupe. 

And so finally I land on red. Roses are red. My favourite flower. Red is the colour of love, of hearts. My red heart is beating for those I love. All those struggling beside me to counter the blue. Red is also the colour of anger. Anger that we are so misrepresented, called a plague, an epidemic. Anger that we are locked up, chained, abused and murdered. Anger that everyone is aware of us, but so few accept us. 

And so, this April, and every April, I will be wearing #RedInstead.
[image is of of my feet, in grey socks, wearing my red shoes, which have silver flowers on them. They are a bit battered and dirty as they are the only shoes I wear and I’ve never been good at cleaning them.]


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