April showers

This is my first April embracing my autistic self. Not even a week in, and I’m worn down. Ground down. Beaten up. Even though I’ve tried my best to protect myself from the onslaught. I had thought I’d be blogging about All Things Autistic. But I can’t. I don’t have the words. I may or may not be able to write about autistic issues at some stage this month. I don’t know yet. I might just stick to safer topics.

April hangs over me like a big blue cloud.  A big gloomy cloud bringing icy showers. Every now and then, the sun peeps out. I am hanging on, from one sunbeam to the next. Hopefully May will bring better weather.

[image of a pane of glass, covered in raindrops, and with a blue tint.]

One thought on “April showers

  1. I wish I could say it gets easier, but I don't think it does. But you do get stronger, and the more other autistic people you meet the more support you have.

    I deal with it with satire. Last year I started Field Notes on Allistics; this year it's 30 days of "inspiration." 😀


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