Confessions of a Tiger-holic. 

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to shopping in Tiger Stores. For those of you not familiar with them, Tiger Stores are a chain of stores from Denmark that produce goods low in price but high in design and quality. You can check out their website here. There’s a store in my local shopping centre, and I simply can’t walk past it without going in. And I can’t go in, without buying something. And I can’t buy just one thing without somehow walking out with many many items. And so engrossed am I when browsing, my kids get jealous and so refuse to let me walk in the direction of the store while out with them. Their catchphrase is “Oh, no, not TIIIIGER!!!!” if I dare even mention going there.

So, I sneak there while they are in school. The ultimate in self-care!

Also, as an autistic person, so much of their stuff is so ‘stimmy’ eg twinkly lights, fake slime, tassels, soft natural fabrics and textures. And as a chronically ill person, they have a lot of items such as massagers, ointments, ice packs. And they try to source things as ethically as possible.

To illustrate why I love it so much, the rest of this post is going to be a series of photos of just a tiny proportion of the items I’ve bought in Tiger over the years. And not included are all the gifts I’ve bought for others. One Christmas, I bought every single Christmas present from there, and had fun making up hampers etc. Also not included in the photos are all the great drinks and snacks they sell. Including the best Pretzels I’ve ever had. And their legendary bottles of Chocolate Milk.

So, in no particular order, here are some of my Tiger goodies. I’ll describe what they are in the image descriptions.

[ image of various items. From left to right: battery operated string of coloured globe lights, child’s red baseball cap with wings reminiscent of Mario’s Wing Cap, a glass sculpture of a blue owl, a heart shaped nail brush, a revolving heart shaped nightlight that projects heart shapes, a wind up chick, a battery operated string of heart shaped red lights.]

[ image of various items. From left to right: open pack contains two pencils with pencil grips, a kid’s dough set containing six pots of play dough in various colours, a box of giant pipe cleaners, a memory game using tiles containing letters of the alphabet, a knitting doll set, a purple octopus tentacle made of silicone that fits on your finger, a blue Spirograph set, a sea battle game similar to Battleship, a small white canvas.]

[ image of various items. From left to right: a kids umbrella with goldfish design, a drawing pad, a paintbox, a box of thick straws, a small glass with strawberry design, a carrier bag listing some of the countries where Tiger has stores, a travel-size Connect Four type game, a kids umbrella with fox design.]

[ image of various items. From left to right: instant icepack, brown satin sleep mask, blue knee band, balance board, exercise band, China balm similar to Tiger Balm, grip strengthener, kids skipping rope, massage roller designed like a plant in a pot, wooden massage roller with four rollers, blue space hopper with monster design, wooden and rope hoop game. ]

[image of various items. From left to right: pink and white gardening gloves, pack of marigold seeds, pack of sweet pea seeds, nursery tray, wooden gardening labels, garden twine, outdoor thermometer.]

[ image of various items. From left to right: pack of circus themed snap cards, fishing game in a tin, box of mosaic blocks, large bottle of bubble mixture, rope loop to make giant bubbles, tube of various coloured glow sticks, activity book, adult colouring book, sellotape in dispenser, bingo game, turn-handle pencil sharpener shaped like circus strongman, balance block game in tin, memory game of hoop shaped tiles, chunky colouring pencils, glass bead set, soft microbead filled cat toy.]

As you can see, a huge variety of items, from toys to household items, gardening to sport to art supplies. And I don’t think I’ve spend over €15 on any one item. Most cost between €2 and €5. I’ve a lot more, but I can’t be bothered gathering them all up from around the house and photographing them.

Tiger Stores haven’t paid me to write all this. But if they did, I’d just go and spend every penny and more buying more of their stuff. I really can’t help myself!

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