I imagine most people reading this will have been passionate about something, at least once in their lives. Maybe an actor or band or football team? Maybe a TV show you just had to watch? Something you thought about constantly and chatted to your friends about. Something you aced when quizzed about it during a table quiz. Maybe you hung posters up in your bedroom and gazed at them instead of doing your homework. Maybe you bought merchandise. 

And maybe you changed as you grew older, found a different but equally strong passion. Perhaps your career or family. Maybe you got into politics. Or gardening. Or sailing. And people would remark how dedicated you were, how you showed such commitment. 

Now, maybe people found out you were autistic. Suddenly, you can no longer have a passion. Imagine having your passion labelled an ‘obsession’ instead. Imagine hearing the word ‘perseveration’ and learning the negative connotations. 

As usual, autistic people are held to very different standards than anyone else. 

And so, I say “No”. I am not obsessed, I am not perseverating. I am passionate. 

I am passionately passionate about being Autistic. I cannot be anything less. 

[ image with red background and the following words in black: I am passionately passionate about being Autistic. ]


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