A to Z of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: A is for Autism

May is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month. For this month, I’m goingto write an A-Z, discussing a different topic linked to EDS each day. I’m going to write about topics that effect me personally, having the Hypermobility type of EDS, so won’t be covering topics more common to the other types, such as Vascular or Classical EDS, though there may be topics which overlap these types. So, to kick things off, I present: 

A is for AUTISM: 

Autism is a neurological difference that is linked to EDS. Research on the links is ongoing, with not much published on it yet. Anecdotally, however, the link does seem to be there. A lot of parents with EDS have autistic children. Lots of autistic people I know have also been diagnosed with EDS or Hypermobility Syndrome. And lots more are beginning to assess their various symptoms and are starting towards the route to diagnosis. Autistic people do seem to be more hypermobile than the general population, and it might also explain some of their co-morbid motor issues, digestive issues etc.

 An interesting study found similarities between brain scans of autistic children and those with EDS. One theory is that changes in cell migration in the brain, caused by differences in brain collagen, could be a cause of autism amongst those who also have EDS. 

Whatever the reasons for the link, I do believe it’s an important one. I would urge all autistic people who have motor issues, proprioception issues, digestive issues etc to get tested for EDS. 

[ image is of a red background with the words “A is for Autism” written in white. ]



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