A to Z of EDS: D is for Dental Issues

Many of us with EDS have odd dental issues. The following are just my own personal ones.

Dental Crowding: My jaw is quite slim and narrow. Combine this with the fact that a lot of my milk teeth never actually fell out, and you get quite a crowded mouth! At fifteen, I got braces. The orthodontist had to pull out eight remaining milk teeth to make room. Before that, I’d had two rows of teeth, all jostling for space.

Orthodontic concerns: Speaking of braces (which give me nightmares to this day), a lot of us have issues with our teeth moving too quickly. And then moving again after the braces are removed. If you look at my teeth now (and no, nothing would induce me to provide a photo of mine), you’d never know I had braces. My teeth have moved around a lot, especially in the past few years. A lot of EDSers these days have permanent wires holding their teeth in place.

Mouth Ulcers: Because of mucosal fragility, we tend to get a lot of mouth ulcers, and in unusual places. When I had braces, my mouth had ulcers in every single place the braces touched off. And even now, I get frequent and rather large mouth ulcers. Most OTC treatments don’t work well for me, especially when I get ones in the back of my throat. My dentist has suggested steroids next time they get really bad.

Bleeding gums: Along with mucosal fragility, we often have fragile gums. Which means they can bleed a lot even with the gentlest brushing. Seeing blood in the sink no longer freaks me out.

Malformed teeth: I have two crowns, one on each incisor. These teeth had never formed properly. They were both about half the size they should have been and used to make me do self-conscious, I never smiled.

Anaesthetics not working: I don’t have as big a problem with this as some, but often anaesthetics don’t work for us, especially those that end in ‘caine’. Usually we have to request double the usual dose.

TMJ issues: We often have trouble with our Temporo-Mandibular Joint aka jaw joint. I suffer from intense pain in mine. (I used to think it was from wisdom teeth but X-ray shows I have none!) The pain often spread to the rest of my head and can trigger migraines. Also,my jaw often ‘pops out’ from simple things like yawning!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on inside our mouths!

So, if you have an odd constellation of dental issues (especially if anaesthetics don’t work too well), you may want to check out EDS.


[image of a red background with the following words in black: D is for Dental Issues]


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