A to Z of EDS: F is for Feet

Many EDSers have issues with our feet. Some, such as Club Foot, can be very obvious from birth. Others may be diagnosed after a gait analysis. Again, I’m only going to write about those issues that effect me, and my feet, personally. More information about how EDS effects the feet can be found here.

Arches: a lot of EDSers have problems with flat feet. But some, me included, have very high arches, which can be equally problematic. I’ve had to have custom insoles made, which somewhat help the problem. 

Unusual Gait: again, gait issues in EDS can take the form of either overpronation, or more rarely over-supination. Again, I fall into the second category. When the podiatrist examined my gait, she was very surprised and said over-supination is very rare in the general population and she only sees one or two cases every year. Again, the insoles help with this. 

Ankles: we often have weak ankles, which often end up sprained very easily. This can cause us to trip or fall quite often. Again, insoles can help. 

Plantar fasciitis: this is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, as described here. It’s common enough in the general population (10%), but is much more prevalent amongst those with EDS. It causes intense foot pain, especially in the heel. 

Peripheral Neuropathy: this can occur with EDS but is less common than the above. I will be dedicating another post to it to cover it in more detail. It causes me immense pain in the  soles of my feet every day. 

As you can see, people with EDS can have a lot of trouble with their feet. 
[image of a dusky pink background with the following words in black: F is for Feet. ]

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