A to Z of EDS: X is for X-Ray 

Ok, this is a bit of a trick entry (because, in fairness, how many words start with the letter X?) X-rays are pretty meaningless for most of us. Unless you are being checked for vertebral degeneration or early onset osteoarthritis, which may be more common in those with EDS. But for most of us, X-rays don’t show anything. Even when we dislocate a joint, it may go back into place before we even get seen. I have had countless X-rays (and MRIs) and nothing unusual has ever shown up in them. Which was then used by doctors to claim there wasn’t anything wrong with my joints. 

So, X-rays can be useful for looking for joint damage, such as that caused by various forms of arthritis. But, for EDS, I wouldn’t dismiss joint issues just because nothing shows up in an X-Ray. 
[image of a grey background with the words “X is for X-Ray in black.]

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