A to Z of EDS: Y is for Youthful Looking

I’ve written at length about a lot of the negatives associated with EDS. Today, I want to write about something generally seen as a positive: those with EDS tend to look younger than they are. Though that can be negative too, as I found last week when I was asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine. I’m 39! Or when I answer the door, to be asked if my parents are in. 

While ‘youthful looking’ is not on any diagnostic citeria, it did find this sentence in a study on Cutaneous Signs in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: “Patients with a clinical history consistent with the hypermobile form were found to have a youthful appearance, a non-quantifiable finding.” Anecdotally, having a youthful appearance is mentioned again and again, in support groups and blogs. Rose Guedes,in her blog Girl Outside for example says: ” I find the HEDS types especially may look young and pleasant (credit the soft, smooth skin of an HMS/EDSer.) We may have subtle facial features that can be described as elfin/faerie-like.” I agree with her. While there is no ‘EDS look’, there are some facial  features ( more common with vascular EDS, but I do think subtle features can be found in all forms), such as small earlobes, prominent eyes, small chin, narrow nose and thin lips, as shown in this photo from Annabelle’s Challenge, that can lead to an elfin look. 

So, while EDS can have many challenges, at least we can be happy about some aspects of it!
[image of a pink background, with the words “Y is for Youthful Looking” in black.]


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