Incognito Autistic…at Sports Day

So, my daughter had Sports Day today. And it sparked many thoughts and feelings and memories. I used to hate Sports Day. The mere thought of its approach filled me with dread. I hated the break in routine, the noise, the general chaos, and the other kids. And I hated the physicality of it. ItContinue reading “Incognito Autistic…at Sports Day”

Autistic Pride Day: Pride not Puzzles

Today, June 18th, is Autistic Pride Day. And while I’m proud to be autistic, today and everyday, today I am also raging mad. Curious to see how others were expressing their pride, I went onto Twitter and checked out #AutisticPrideDay. And there, amongst the expressions of pride, self-love and solidarity, I found images of …Continue reading “Autistic Pride Day: Pride not Puzzles”

ABA, Abusive Bullying of Autistics

The first time I heard of ABA, it was a newspaper article about parents of autistic children fighting the Irish government, trying to get funding for their children to attend ABA schools. At the time, I thought of it as a classic ‘David vs. Goliath’ situation, and I was naturally on the side of David.Continue reading “ABA, Abusive Bullying of Autistics”

Confessions of a Cloth Nappy-holic

My lovely neighbours had their first child a few weeks ago. Being laid-back actors who opted for a home birth, I figured they might be in my wavelength about a few things. So I tentatively asked them if they’d considered using cloth nappies. Why, yes. It’s something they were considering. And so it starts. IContinue reading “Confessions of a Cloth Nappy-holic”