When I look out my bedroom window…

When I look out my bedroom window…

I see…

The dappled sun shining through the leaves of the old gnarly Alder tree, producing multiple shades of green and yellow.

The intricate mosaic of zones of moss and lichen, deep dark greens and pale silvers, and I ponder the microclimates producing these zones of vegetation on the trunk of the tree.

A bird I’ve never seen before. Tail too straight to be a Wren. Turns out it’s a Treecreeper. Apt name given its creeping and crawling up the tree trunk, turning aside cushions of moss, searching for bugs underneath.

And my faithful companions, the Blue Tits and Great Tits, hanging out in gangs along the branches.

Sometimes I see a Goldfinch, and it’s mate. Adding a welcome touch of colour on winter days.

The seasons are clearly defined by the leaves, or lack therof. The buds of early spring, opening into swinging flowers, releasing their pollen into the wind.

The fresh green buds, that come after the flowers are done. That open up into welcome leaves, blocking the concrete view of the houses across the way.

Summer also comes in the form of cygnets. It’s quite something, lying in bed while the swan family float past. I count them as they go by. Yes, still five. The heron has missed its chance, they seem too big for its clutches. And yet, we may still lose a few. The heartbreak of last year will be hard to beat. Seven cygnets reduced to just one lone survivor. And there was the year just a single egg hatched. That only child was watched and praised by all the neighbours, our fingers firmly crossed.

Other birds that visit our canal include cormorants, and seagulls. They bring a sea breeze with them. And the Black Headed Gulls, whose heads are more a chocolate brown, also indicate the seasons with their colour change. And of course, the Swallows, swooping past, too fast to photograph.

This year I notice a Grey Wagtail, bobbing along. Looks like it has a nest in the crack along the canal wall. Is this a new visitor, or did I not notice till this year? Down it goes, on my list.

And then, those other fascinating creatures that walk along the canal, the humans. Mothers pushing babies, pointing out the swans and ducks. Students, those bright young things, sauntering to the university in their trendy gear. Hipsters with their clipped beards, on their way to the trendy eateries around the corner. People dressed in fancy frocks! On their way to a Christening, Communion, Wedding or Funeral at the local church. Neighbours, putting out the bins in their dressing gowns. I love to watch them all.

And so, as I lie here in bed, watching the world outside my bedroom window, I think life isn’t all bad. And I appreciate how lucky I am!
[image of the view from my bedroom window. The branches and leaves of a tree are visible in the foreground. Behind these, you can make out a swan and five cygnets floating on the water of a canal, highlighted by bright sunlight. In the background is the canal wall, behind which are some shrubs and the backs of some houses.]

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