Neurodiverse Families

Today, one of my very favourite bloggers, Briannon Lee, featured some words of mine in their Neurodiverse Families category. (And yes, I’m done being anonymous and let them publish my name! I’m feeling brave.) And my children don’t mind the photo of them being used, it’s one where they were having a lot of fun. (Side note: I hadn’t realised how bendy my daughter’s left ankle is in the photo!)

The blog posts consist of a Q & A format, with the respondents being neurodivergent people talking about what neurodiversity means to their families. What I really enjoy about the series is reading other people’s answers to the exact same questions I answered. So many of us are saying essentially the same things, but in different ways. My answers seem very brief compared to some others, but I realise that’s my writing style. I’ve never been very verbose!

If you are neurodivergent and would like to take part in this series, details can be found here.
[image of two children standing up on a set of swings. There are suburban houses and trees in the background. The child on the left presents as a girl, with long brown hair, wearing a red t-shirt with a pixelated face of “Stampycat” and flowery blue and pink shorts. She is looking at the camera and smiling. The child on the right has short brown hair, and is wearing a black t-shirt with the words “CoderDojo Galway” on it, and black tracksuit bottoms. He is looking down while shouting in delight.]

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