My September Tiger* haul 

*Tiger Stores have changed their name to Flying Tiger, but as someone who hates change, especially when I see it as unnecessary, I refuse to comply with the name change! 

 As I have a bit of a Tiger addiction, I have decided to only allow myself to shop there once a month. And to justify buying the things I buy, I’m going to write up my haul, to convince myself, and my readers, that they really are worth buying. I will mainly post photos, with an explanation of the items in the image descriptions. I’ve done my best to group items into related categories. 

So, here goes:

[image of various food items. Starting on the left are two packs of Dutch waffles. On top of these is a Peanut/Sesame bar. Above these is a bottle of Chocolate milk. To the right of this are two packs of mini Pretzels. Finally, to the far right, is a bag of Banana Chips. ]

[image of various stationary supplies. From the left, an A5 drawing pad, a black notebook to be used as home/school notebook, a pack of page markers, two glue sticks, a pack of multi-colour crayons, an A5 notebook with dot grid to be used as Bullet Journal. A pack of Sticky Fix. Two packs of pencils with eraser tops and witty messages written on them.]  

[image of various medical/hygiene items plus stimmy stuff. Clockwise from bottom left:  two bars of Rose soap, a blue ball with hologram sparkly tape inside,  one Long Roll of Plaster, a Vitamin Organiser which is a small pill box with three compartments, a dark purple Twisty Worm and finally, in the centre, another ball, larger than the first, filled with liquid and golden glitter. Note: me and kids now fight over this ball, it’s so stimmy!]  

 [final image. For some reason I can’t insert text between this image and the previous one, so description appearing after rather than before image. This is a miscellaneous grouping. Clockwise from top left: a pack of multicoloured straws, a jug thingy designed, I think, for washing hair in the bath, a pack of two bottles of bubble mix for soap bubble toys, and a DIY bracelet kit consisting of four colours of thread plus a strange foam circle with numbers on it. This contains instructions but I haven’t figured it out yet.]
So, there you have it. My September haul. Fighting off the urge to go buy more stuff. Hard to wait till October! I don’t have cost of the items as I didn’t keep the receipt, but do remember it was under €50. 


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