October* Tiger Haul

*I’m also going to do a Halloween Haul post next week, as Tiger have fantastic stuff for that. 

After two gut-wrenching, soul-baring posts, I’m ready for something more light-hearted. What could be better than my latest Tiger haul! Again, I will write descriptions of the items in the photo in the image descriptions. 

[photo shows three packs of Pretzels, five packs (yes, every pack in the shop) and a chocolate nougat bar.]

[photo shows a box of colouring pencils, a twisty worm toy and a silly “head basket” game that involves putting a basketball hoop on your head and your friend throws them in, and a plastic bag to carry them home in with an orange and black Halloween theme.]

[photo of a pink iPhone charger, two bars of rose soap, a pack of colouring pencils with sharpener built into lid, glass measuring jug, spool of ribbon with three pink ribbons, handheld sewing machine, pack of small cloth bags.]

Small enough haul this time!  But I was saving myself for the Halloween haul!

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