November Tiger Haul

Well, I nearly went through the whole month without visiting my local Tiger/FlyingTiger store. But, we ran out of their tasty Pretzels, and… I don’t really need an excuse, do I? So, here’s a tiny post showing my tiny shopping trip. 

[from top to bottom: Three bags of yummy Pretzels, a DIY Gingerbread House kit – this is an annual tradition in our house, I use to make from scratch but not enough energy these days and so these kits are great. Net bag of Chocolate coins – to go in Christmas stockings eventually. ]
[clockwise from top: a red lockable notebook with dark red heart on front, a black lockable notebook with pattern of white hearts on cover. Two labyrinth maze puzzles. These and the notebooks will be stocking fillers, or perhaps for advent calendar if Tiger ever get those back in stock. Battery operated night lights. For putting in windows at Christmas, safer than real candles! A three-minute timer with green sand – hopefully will help with daily ordeal of brushing teeth. White self-hardening clay – for making Christmas tree decorations. Pack of straws – we go through a lot of these as they help with drinking medications that are diluted in drinks. ]


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