Autism research: who’s it really for?

Note: I’m not going to provide links to any specific studies I may mention. Mainly because I had written this blog post earlier today and internet issues resulted in it being deleted, and I’m much too tired to dig out the studies again. I just want to write it out again as quickly as possible,Continue reading “Autism research: who’s it really for?”

Self-diagnosis vs ‘armchair diagnosis’, self-disclosure vs ‘outing’.

As anyone who has read my blog ought to know, I’m a firm believer that self-diagnosis is valid. By this, I don’t mean folks who claim to be autistic, (or any other self-diagnosis) because they want a ‘get out of jail free card’ without having more than a basic understanding of autism. I mean thoseContinue reading “Self-diagnosis vs ‘armchair diagnosis’, self-disclosure vs ‘outing’.”