December Tiger Haul

Ah yes, my final Tiger indulgence of the year. Or so I tell myself. Last year, I bought every single Christmas present there, making up hampers to suit each individual. That was so much fun. But this year, I’m going to buy exclusively from Charity shops. (Yes, each year my Christmas present buying follows a strict theme. Though the years of homemade stuff need more energy and planning than I currently have)

Anyway, here’s my non-Christmassy Tiger haul from today:
[clockwise from top left: a bag of pretzels, a Fibre optic lamp, a sewing kit in a tin, a tape dispenser including a variety of tapes, glow-in-the-dark frogs, colouring pencils in a tin (for my new bullet journal in January), pack of AA batteries, pack of AAA batteries, a green watch, a pink watch.]

The lamps are for my daughter, who has a huge collection of fairy lights and disco lamps in her bedroom. Though, really, they are also for me! Nothing beats lying in her bed, with the darkness all lit up by her many lights! 

[image shows the fibre optic lamp on a small round armchair-side table, switched on so the fibre optics light up with a pink glow. Beside it is the glitter lava lamp, which works more like a snow globe with a light in it, it is very much smaller than a standard lava lamp and does not heat up as much. The light in the lamp is blue in the photo. However, it does change colours, from blue to white to green to orange and to red. ]

So, again a rather small haul this month. I’m trying to be a bit more discerning in what I buy. Though, if I had my way I’d buy every single item in the shop! 

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