Happy New Year, Happy New Bullet Journal

So, one of the key pieces of advice by the developer of Bullet Journalling is to start each new year with a fresh Bulket Journal, even if the previous one wasn’t used all the way to the end. Following this advice, I’ve started a new bullet journey for 2017. And, again as per advice, I’ve tweaked it a little, keeping what worked and changing what didn’t. 

So, what’s different? Well, I bought a new notebook, again from Tiger. The nature of that store being what it is, they didn’t have the exact same one as last time. Instead of little dots lining the pages, they are blank. Which has pros and cons. And the cover is harder and less rubbery. It has an elastic to keep it shut, and a pocket built into the back cover. But otherwise, it’s not too different. 

And, I also bought a tin of colouring pencils. They are triangular, which helps with the grip, and the tin keeps them neat. I use the elastic band to keep the tin, and a pencil, attached to the journal, as you can see in the photo below: 

The colouring pencils are lovely, and offer me a lot more choice for colour coding. I think I need to buy a small ruler too. 

I’ve put a full-year calendar just inside the front cover, before the Index pages. 

And the Future Log is cut torn out of the same journal I found the full-year calendar in. It was the last few pages of a 2016 calendar I was given but never used. If I need to, I can photocopy it into later journals. 

Next was the Monthly overview, which stayed basically the same. Though page being blank makes it a bit tricky to write in straight lines. I added a few chores to the weekly habits tracker. And just kept it Jan-April.

I also added a few new tasks to my daily habits tracker. And new symptoms to my symptoms tracker. And changed the colour coding a bit. I also make a symptoms tracker for the kids, mainly to track headaches my son is having and my daughter’s stomach aches. 

The medication tracker is pretty much the same, with one or two new meds. And so is the one for the kids too. It’s the one that gets neglected most, mine because I forget, and the kids because they hate taking meds and it turns into a battle. 

And finally, when I made all these trackers, I remembered to photocopy them before I’d added in days of week or any info. So now I have blank templates for future months! Saves on handwriting and also time. I store these templates in the handy pocket at the back. 

So, there you go. Some changes, but not really anything major. The system I had was working quite well so no need for anything more than a few tweaks. This is my fourth month using a Bullet Journal, and I’m still pretty happy with it. 

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