January Tiger Haul

So…instead of sitting down on this gloriously sunny day, and finally writing some ‘serious’ blog posts…I went shopping! Here’s my January Tiger Haul:

Clockwise from top left:

2 packs pretzels: my kids love them for their school lunch snack.

Rope dog toy: Tiger now have a range for pets, and they are really cheap. Not sure about the quality, seems good but got this to put it to the test.

2 packs of Rose Soap: my go-to soap. Smells amazing.

10-subject folder divider: so I can finally start filing 2017 accounts. 

Fabric paint: my husband is finally throwing out used-to-be-white t-shirts. So thought me and kids could have a bit of fun with some of them.

Pink hardback A5 notebook: am stocking up on notebooks that may be suitable as Bullet journals.

Bamboo-cover A5 notebook: see above.

Magnetic memo pad: always useful on fridge for writing shopping lists. 

Chalkboard weekly planner: might be useful to help kids plan their week.

Drawing kit: paper and coloured pencils in a handy case, for my daughter on car trips.

Pencil case with book strap: this might finally solve my conundrum of keeping pencils, ruler etc handy when using my bullet journal 

So, pretty boring haul this time, nothing too fun or stimmy. I was being sensible! 

And now I’ve no excuses left for not sitting down to do some proper writing…



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