February Tiger Haul

I can’t believe February is almost over, and I hadn’t made it to my local FlyingTiger shop until now. I’ve been pretty housebound all month but I finally managed to get out on my own yesterday. This month’s haul is a bit boring actually, I went for more practical items than usual. Which I present to you without further delay:
[image shows, clockwise from left: bag of blue and white striped lint rollers for all the dog hair covering my clothes, a blue notebook as I can’t stop buying any candidates for bullet journals that I see, a French nougat chocolate bar, two glue sticks, two erasers, a roll of glitttery silver elastic band just because it’s pretty, four packs of seeds as it’s spring: cornflowers, wild rocket, sweet peas and zinnias, a bag of bag clips for using in the kitchen, two bars of rose soap, a six pack of fake moustaches for DD’s moustache obsession, and two packs of popping candy for fun.]

Ok, maybe some items aren’t as boring as I’d thought! But seriously, who can resist fake moustaches or popping candy? 

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