March Tiger Haul

Yeah, I know it’s not March anymore. Does that count as an April Fools prank? 

And it was the tiniest little haul ever. Oh well, still got some nice stuff though: 
Clockwise from left-

Box containing Dominoes and ‘Pick Up Sticks’. Good for developing fine motor skills plus a bit of fun. 

Two small glasses painted with flowers. Trying to encourage me and kids to drink a lot more liquids and pretty glasses help. 

A box of wipes to clean my glasses. What the point if brand new glasses if they’re always dirty?

Two key rings with really stimmy, squishy ‘rubber chickens’. The kids love them. And so do I. Good stress relief. 

French nougat bar. One of the few things I can eat without too much trouble. So yummy!

A light in the shape of an egg, that changes colours. For DD’s light collection. 

Two packs of seeds, dill and flat-leaves parsley. Hope I get to sow them soon. 

Two packs of ‘strawberry sugar’ drinking straws. Instantly turn a glass of milk into strawberry milk. 

And now to show off DD’s new egg light:

[series of three photos, with the egg light in my hand in each but with the egg glowing a different colour, first green then blue then pink]

One thought on “March Tiger Haul

  1. i’m a middle-aged adult with autism (Asperger-like). Have a history of anorexia — mainly in high school. My daughter, also on the spectrum, is being evaluated for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and some other disorders. Very interested in what you have to say

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