Meet Bob…

Today, I bought a baby rattle in the shape of an elephant teddy. I had intended to give it to my neighbour’s baby, who turned one today. But I’ve changed my mind. He’ll have to make do with something else. Because…I’m keeping it for myself. 

Meet Bob. Naming him Bob is an in-joke between me and the kids. I started naming everything that needs naming ‘Bob’ recently, as it’s just too hard to keep thinking up cool names for things. So, Bob it is! 

And yes, I, a grown woman-ish of 40 years of age, have just bought myself a teddy. A cuddly toy. Because it is so very soft, so very cuddly, so cute and stimmy and I just can’t stop stroking it or rubbing my cheeks with it. 

Tactile stims have always been very important for me. I base almost all clothing choices on how they feel when I rub them. I love things that are soft and fluffy, things like velvet, fake fur, satin, silk, flannel. 

And I am making more of an effort to engage with tactile stims. They work really well to calm me down. And Bob really fits the bill. He is soft and strokable and fits in my handbag. And I don’t really care if anyone notices or gives me strange looks. I’m beyond all that at my age. 

And so, meet Bob. I have a feeling he and I are going to be together for a very long time! 

[photo of a fluffy grey toy elephant with tiny black beady eyes.]


One thought on “Meet Bob…

  1. he looks soooo soft and lovely!! if itsany consolation, I have a soft teddy too that I am very attached too for stimming! I just ordered a Fidget Cube for my stimming and I hope to do a video review on it for us so we will see how that feels for stims!! 🙂 Happy stimming, it doesnt matter what age you are as long as it brings comfort! 🙂 ❤

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