I’m getting a Divorce….from my Twitter

Nearly two years ago, I left Facebook and dived into the arms of Twitter. I created @AutisticZebra ,thinking it would just be a platform from which to share this blog. But somehow it grew to much more than that and bit by bit it took over my life. I attempted to leave, but somehow got drawn back into its embrace. I thought maybe the problem was following too many people. So, I unfollowed more than 1000 overnight. But still, I was dissatisfied.  

And each day, my relationship with Twitter got worse. Like a domestic violence victim, I would emerge from its glow feeling beaten up. Every day it got worse. And yet, the friendship and companionship that I lack elsewhere kept drawing me back. Even though the news shared was nearly always bad. Bad news assailed me every single day, with the occasional puppy thrown in to cover up the stench. 

And then came the last straw, the Grenfel Fire. I have a fear of dying in a fire, a fear that borders on a phobia. And naturally, folks like to talk about and share about the fire. And I could mute all words to do with it. But it’s not just the fire. It’s so much more. It’s the constant bad news, the ableism, the bigotry. It’s not that the folks I follow are those things. But they do like to write about them, call them out, highlight them. And while this is commendable, it’s just too much for me. I’m exhausted. 

So, a few weeks ago, I set up a new, private, Twitter account. I opened it up to my autistic followers, as a trial run to see how it would work. And as it worked as planned, I’m now opening it up to anyone to send a request to. Obviously I retain the right to reject applications! 

What I do there is, I follow everyone back, but then I mute them. So, on my Timeline I only see my own tweets, plus any replies. The ultimate echo chamber. Or, as I like to think of it, my bubble. I post mainly pictures of flowers and fruit from my garden, cute animals, glorious sunsets and storms. I try to stick to only positivity and light. Yes, my new account is like my secret lover and I’m in love with it. And finally ready to leave behind my original  account, and fully embrace my new one. 

I’m not deleting my old account though. We are still linked through this blog, which is like our child and in a custody battle. My old account has too many followers to simply abandon. So, it will still automatically tweet when I have a new blog post here. And who knows, I may one day go back to it. We may be reconciled. 

So, my new account is @SecretZebraClub and if you want to join me in my bubble and see mostly positive stuff from me, do send me a follow request. 

[a photo of a yellow rose, which is the avatar of my @SecretZebraClub account]


2 thoughts on “I’m getting a Divorce….from my Twitter

  1. understandable.. I’ve only just recently started following your account on Twitter and was quite enjoying reading your 140 character insights.

    I’ve found Twitter toxic at times too. I’ve been picked on by Twitter cliques and been driven off more than once (my current twitter account is about my 5th version 😦 )

    do what ever is right for yourself and your mental wellbeing. who knows.. I might join you in your secret enclave 😉

    Pete aka @CopernicusCF


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