July Tiger Haul

Last day of July and I finally got to sneak off to Tiger and buy some stuff. 

The usual food I like (Dutch waffles, pretzels and nougat) plus Coconut chips (salty caramel flavour) and wasabi peanuts to try out. 

Other items I bought, clockwise from top left: 

A noteblock shaped like a tin of sardines. This is a joke for my husband as he’s obsessed with sardines at the moment. 

A magnetic board with the days of the week on it. Plan to put on fridge for meal planning. 

Set of pencils of various colours with built in pencil grips. 

Children’s scissors with a cover in the shape of a green crocodile, and another in shape of a pink mouse. 

A ‘magic die’ trick. My daughter is into magic tricks at the moment. 

Two pens, one pink and one green, with built in labyrinth game. 

Two pencil sharpeners, one green and one blue, shaped like bicycle bells. 

Two sharpeners with glass jar bases, one with seagulls painted on it, the other with pufferfish. 

A fidget spinner. Because you can never have enough. 

A pair of children’s gardening gloves. 

An ‘office hammock’ to try out on my kitchen chair to see if it will make me more comfortable. 


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