September Tiger Haul

Didn’t really buy much this month. Mostly some favourite snacks and a few of her things that looked useful.  From left to right: Notebook with blank pages, Giant pipe cleaners (so stimmy!) Lid lifter, which releases steam during cooking and might help things not boil over Clockwise from top left: French nougat Dutch waffles  LiquoriceContinue reading “September Tiger Haul”

Obsessed? Or just very very focused? 

Gary Numan recently shared how he is autistic, and that because of that, he tends to get ‘obsessed’ with things. Or, as he says, people refer to it as obsession, with perhaps negative connotations, while he thinks of it as something positive, an ability to focus intensely on things.  And I agree.  I have written before onContinue reading “Obsessed? Or just very very focused? “