Following the numbers. 

Since I decided to ease off Twitter for a while, I have no idea how my number of followers may have changed as a result. I guess it’s less then before, but it could be the same or more. I have no idea. I can go and check the follower count, but I still would be none the wiser, as I’ve no idea how many followers I had before I left. I really couldn’t say, to the nearest 100.

When I first joined Twitter, I unintentionally installed one of those ‘X number of people followed you, and Y unfollowed’ app things. And it really freaked me out. It made me think about and concentrate on things I never normally did. So I deleted it as soon as I figured out how. 

I know some people really really care about their number of followers. And that’s their prerogative. But I never has been mine. I’d write the exact same things, and behave the exact same way, whether I had one follower or one million. And while I do care a lot about so many of my followers, I was brought up not to really mind what people think of me. So, if they want to unfollow me, I don’t need to know why, and it doesn’t upset me in the least. I didn’t join Twitter to gain followers. I joined to share my blog and maybe make a few friends along the way. Which I have. 

There is one way in which I do care about the numbers though. I have this odd, probably autistic, thing of finding happiness and satisfaction in certain numbers and patterns. Like, when the number I am following matches my number of followers exactly. Or when my number of followers makes a palindrome, like 2002. Or just when certain numbers ‘look’ a certain way. Like 2159. Which is my number of followers at this very second. Can’t explain why that number pleases me, but it does. But I really don’t mind if it changes!

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