My favourite posts by #ActuallyAutistic bloggers in 2017

These are not in any order, as I find it impossible to ever assign “number one” slots etc. They are just blog posts that caught my eye, and my heart, this year. By autistic bloggers who have done the same. This post is just brilliant, as is the other autscriptic blog post. Captures a lotContinue reading “My favourite posts by #ActuallyAutistic bloggers in 2017”

“But how will we find them?”

One of my more popular tweets advised NT parents that, no matter what problem or issue their autistic child is facing, there is an autistic adult who has faced the same thing and can advise them. A line that often gets thrown in our faces when we try to advise parents on helping their autisticContinue reading ““But how will we find them?””

To Judith With Love…or maybe not. #BoycottToSiri

Dear Judith, I know you won’t mind me writing about you without asking you, or even telling you, beforehand. You’ve made it perfectly clear that that’s a fine thing to do. Maybe one of your supporters will tell you and you’ll get a nice surprise. And I’m sorry I won’t be describing your looks. IContinue reading “To Judith With Love…or maybe not. #BoycottToSiri”