My favourite posts by #ActuallyAutistic bloggers in 2017

These are not in any order, as I find it impossible to ever assign “number one” slots etc. They are just blog posts that caught my eye, and my heart, this year. By autistic bloggers who have done the same.

This post is just brilliant, as is the other autscriptic blog post. Captures a lot of what I wish I could say to people who go on about “mild” autism. Mild autism

Ryan Boren wrote a really good gift-guide just before Christmas. What I really appreciated was his review of vaporizers and other things linked to medical marijuana as it’s one product often left out of such guides. Gift guide for chronically ill

As always, Kassiane’s sarcasm and dark humour shines through this almost unbelievable post. If my kid could do that…

Here Anna describes something that happens to me a lot and that often prevents me from writing this blog. Lost for words

I would recommend every single blog post written by autistics criticizing To Siri With Love. Hard to pick out just one but it really liked this post by Liz that touches on broader themes. To Siri With Love: The oppression of…

I cannot resist criticism of Simon Baron Cohen and Max has captured a lot of my feelings about a recent paper he wrote. Dr Simon Baron Cohen does not understand…

And finally, not a blog post as such but a great resource for finding autistic bloggers. An Autism Observer

To sum up, I really love all these bloggers and you should read their other posts too.

And I really must update my blogroll. Another job on my “improve my blog” to-do list for 2018!


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