The Toll of Thoughtless Comments

It’s only January but so many of my autistic friends on Twitter are already done with this year. They are frazzled, exhausted, burnt out. Because we never seem to catch a break. We are never given the benefit of the doubt. Allowances are never made for our neurology. We are constantly having to watch whatContinue reading “The Toll of Thoughtless Comments”

The Science Around Being Fat….paraphrased

A few years ago, my special interest was based around the question of why people get fat. I read so much research on it, paper after paper, and I learnt a lot. But I realised that a lot of the research had an underlying anti-fat bias. The researchers would write in their conclusions that peopleContinue reading “The Science Around Being Fat….paraphrased”

“You don’t look it.”

Last night I watched the documentary “Unrest” by Jennifer Brea, on Netflix. It documents the lives and struggles of people, like herself, who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME. The people in the film are mostly those with the severe form, who often don’t leave their homes or their beds. The ones who are hidden fromContinue reading ““You don’t look it.””