Exploring 2018

I saw this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip this morning and it sparked something in me. I have always loved Calvin and Hobbes but hadn’t seen this one before.

And yes, it hasn’t snowed here. It probably won’t this year, besides a few fleeting showers of feeble snowflakes that never last long. But I still like the sentiment.

And so, this year, I’m going to go exploring. Not just the great outdoors, but also in every other way. I’m going to try new hobbies, explore new foods, read more books, explore both offline and on.

Online exploration might include using Google Earth to literally explore new places. Or I might follow new people and learn more about their world. Explore music. Art. Architecture. Gardens. All within the comfort of my home.

And I think I’ll write about all the things I discover while exploring, as I’d love to take you all in this journey with me.


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