New Year’s Reflections

So….it’s 1.32 am so officially 2018. And I’m a little tipsy and actually quite awake, so perfect time to write a New Years post, right?

Not going to be long, but want to document my thoughts on the last year and my hopes for the next.

2017 was the year that Twitter really came into its own. When I learnt so much about myself, my neurology, my gender, my sexuality, my queerness. I read up, I listened, I learnt. I made mistakes. I made amends. I made amazing friends. Still haven’t figured everything out but I guess I never will. There is always more to learn.

And my wish is that this trend continues for 2018. That no matter what life throws at me, my friends will have my back. That my inner strength and self-knowledge will continue to grow. And that I can give back to the community that has given me so much.

And that’s it really. I could say some words about the state of the world, about Trump, about Brexit. But it’s all been said before, by folks more able to write about such things. So I’ll leave it on a personal level and wish the best for me and all those I love.

You know who you are. Xxx


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