“I have some autistic traits, but….”

Something I keep coming across is people saying things along the lines of “A lot of people think I’m autistic. I do have some of the traits but….” And then they list some trait that is considered “autistic” but that they don’t have. “I am too social.” “I’m an extrovert.” “I have no problem withContinue reading ““I have some autistic traits, but….””

The Real Autism Epidemic [TW suicidal ideation, death, murder]

People like to scaremonger that there is an “Autism Epidemic”. That the numbers of autistics is rising wildly, like some sort of tsunami. When all that’s happening is that more of us are being recognised for who we really are. But I do think there is an epidemic in autism. Just not of that nature.Continue reading “The Real Autism Epidemic [TW suicidal ideation, death, murder]”