All The Weight of Our Dreams

Disclosure: I have a short piece in this so this review could be a bit biased! It is my first ever published piece and I still feel like a bit of a fraud to be honest. The book is an anthology by autistic People of Colour and I’m …. well…. white. Kind of. My piece is about “passing”.

I also feel like an imposter because….the other contributions are all just so wonderful. Such a variety of voices, styles, experiences. It’s such a large book. Physically a lot of pages. But also metaphorically large. Not a book you read from cover to cover. At least, I couldn’t read it like that. More like something to dip into when the mood takes you.

The book also contains variety in the form of poetry, art and other forms of expression. It really is astonishing in its breadth.

The best thing, for me, is that it introduced me to a huge number of autistic people. Ones whose voices usually get pushed to the margins. Voices you definitely need to be hearing.

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