One The Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis

I am so happy that this novel is set at Schipol Airport, and surrounding areas of The Netherlands, as not only have I been there many times, but as it’s always nice to read stories not based in the US or UK.

It is set in 2035, so not so far in the distant future that it’s implausible, but far enough from now that things like spaceships exist. Somehow that makes it far easier for me to imagine.

And what I have to imagine is this: Earth has been hit by a comet and the autistic main character, Denise, must try and somehow bring herself and her family to safety. The plot is very good, with enough twists to keep it interesting.

But in addition to that, the representation of an autistic person was spot on. Even though Corinne makes it clear in the Author’s Note at the end that all autistic people are different, I think the depiction of Denise’s traits and sensitivities, her strengths and weaknesses, really ring true for me.

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