#TakeTheMaskOff Week 2: What is Stimming?

Stimming, originated from, and is short for “self-stimulating” behaviour. Which has always surprised me, as so many of my stims are calming or expressing joy, and have nothing to do with stimulation. It was obviously coined by non-autistic professionals who completely missed the point of most stims, though some can be stimulating I suppose. TheContinue reading “#TakeTheMaskOff Week 2: What is Stimming?”

Galway international Arts Festival: Miracoco

Every year we try to do “one thing” with the kids at the Galway International Arts Festival. This year we were very lucky in that an autistic woman organized a free private admission for Miracoco for a bunch of autistic people and invited us along. What can I say? I absolutely loved it!!!! My innerContinue reading “Galway international Arts Festival: Miracoco”