1st Annual International Day of Protest Against ABA

Today is the 1st Annual International Day of Protest Against ABA. The date was chosen as it’s the first anniversary of the day the Cardgate Scandal broke. As this scandal shows, the whole ABA industry is comprised of endemic hatred of autistic people. It’s not just a few “bad eggs”. Any “good” ABA therapist quitsContinue reading “1st Annual International Day of Protest Against ABA”

Gatekeeping Experiences and Identities

I’ve noticed a trend in some people who have diagnoses of certain conditions, and some of their parents too. When I, or others, self-identify with that diagnosis, whether it’s autism or selective mutism or whatever, they jump in and shout “NO!! This isn’t X. You are WRONG!!!” And before you can explain that they areContinue reading “Gatekeeping Experiences and Identities”