Great Minds Think Alike…

Today I did something I’ve never done before. I read the comments on the Autistic Zebra Facebook Page. I rarely use Facebook and had completely forgotten about that page, to be honest.

One of the comments was from a fellow autistic blogger. Who said the title and subject of my post was identical to a post they’d written five years ago. (Implying I’d copied them?) They then added that they wouldn’t have minded, if I’d at least linked to their blog post.

At first, I replied to them, explaining I’d never seen their blog post so I couldn’t have linked to it. I offered to update my blog post and link to it now. But then I went and actually read their blog post, and then went back to Facebook and deleted my reply.

My blog post is nothing like theirs. Same title yes. But that’s because it’s about the same subject. Many autistics write about the same subjects, because we have the same issues. In the same way that many non-autistic bloggers write about the same subjects.

But the language I use, my style of writing, the actual words, are nothing like that other blogger’s. And I will not be bullied, no matter how passive-aggressively into changing my blog posts. I chose very carefully which blog posts I link to. And I will not link to any posts through coercion. When I do read posts I like, or when the words of other autistics inspire me, I always either link to their original blog post, or I ask their permission before quoting them. It would never even occur to me not to do so.

So, no, I did not copy a post I had no idea existed. And no, I will not link to that post here or anywhere else. And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

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