“ABA” as Insurance Fraud harms more than it helps.

I keep reading comments about ABA that “the therapy our kid does isn’t actually ABA. The therapist only calls it that because ABA is the only therapy insurance will cover.”

If you use this argument then I hate to break it to you but you (and the therapist) are committing insurance fraud. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not friend of the insurance industry. And I find the medical insurance industry of the US, where most “ABA” insurance fraud occurs, to be truly despicable.

But, by calling therapies ABA when they aren’t, is harming autistic people. And (almost) as bad as ABA itself, as it’s what’s allowing ABA to continue. If even “good” therapies are labeled ABA, then you are blurring the lines between what’s ABA and what isn’t. There is no tangible way to tell the difference, only the word of the parent and therapist. “Our ABA isn’t real ABA.” “It’s not the bad type of ABA”. That might be true, but how would I know? If you are willing to commit insurance fraud, then I just don’t trust you. You’ve already shown you are willing to lie to get what you want. Anyone, even practitioners of bad ABA can say that what they are doing is the good kind. And seeing everything to do with the Autism Industry is infiltrated by liars and charlatans, I’m just not going to believe you.

If the problem is the insurance industry, then fight the insurance industry. If enough people put enough pressure on them, they will have to change. They will have to open up their cover to more than ABA. Especially if ABA is banned, which is ultimately what should happen as it’s so abusive. If you want cover for play therapy, fight for it. If you want cover for OT, fight for that. I will fight alongside you.

But by partaking in subterfuge and fraud, you are allowing the current system of abuse to continue. At least own up to that.


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