I Am Not An Autism Mum

I recently saw a post where someone congratulated a woman for using Identity First Language in relation to herself and autism. The woman in question, however, is not autistic. And the language she was using was “Autism Mum”. “Autism Mum” (or the American version “Autism Mom”) will always make me bristle. It is co-opting ofContinue reading “I Am Not An Autism Mum”

In Search Of The Autistic Frauds

Since I read the now deleted (by the commenter, when both Kieran aka The Autistic Advocate and I questioned them on it) comment on The Autistic Advocate’s Page, claiming that there is a fraud in the autistic community, I have been unable to stop thinking about it. I have googled the names of several wellContinue reading “In Search Of The Autistic Frauds”