Us Vs Them

I’ve often been accused, mainly in my dealings with NT bullies, of having an “Us Vs Them” attitude. I’m not about to deny it, I do. I used to feel shame about this, especially as people so often linked it to my autism.

But today, I read an article in National Geographic Magazine that shows that humans are actually hard-wired into having an “Us Vs Them” attitude and that it’s been essential for our survival as a species. And while we do have to move beyond certain social constructs, such as race, that have been used to distinguish “us” from “them” , there is still a role for making some sort of distinction based on other categories.

In my case, “them” consists mainly of “those who don’t respect me or others of my neurotype”. In other words, NT bullies. Or autistic bullies too for that matter. And I’m not going to apologize about that.

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