My Kitchen Hacks

Just thought I’d share some of the things that make it easier for me to cook despite disabilities such as weakening grip, worsening motor skills, fatigue, dizziness and leg/foot pain.

The image above is a bag of frozen chopped onions. These have been a lifesaver. Just pop them in the saucepan still frozen, whenever a recipe calls for chopped onions. Turkish food, which I love cooking, seems to call for them in every recipe (except desserts I guess!) and I was heartbroken when my worsening fine motor coordination meant I was just as likely to chop my fingers as chop the onions.

In a similar fashion, garlic purée is brilliant. You can also get frozen chopped garlic but I prefer the purée for some reason. I don’t use it as often as the onions but it’s essential for my famous garlic chicken!

The above contraption is something I bought in my favourite shop Flying Tiger. It’s a lid-grip. You use it to grip lids. Or, more precisely, you grip lids in order to enable you to open them. My weird hand neuropathy issues mean I really struggle with opening lids, and these help me so much.

Another thing-ame-bob from Flying Tiger is the bag-clip shown in the first photo, keeping the bag of chopped onions closed. These are by far the best bag-closers I have used.

My final kitchen hack is this very handy stool. You can adjust the height and it is so useful for when I need to stay by the cooker to stir things but my feet ache or I feel dizzy. What would make it even better would be if it were foldable and had a backrest, but we inherited it so in that regard it’s ideal. As shopping for stools, even online, is not my idea of fun.

Anyway, these are my main kitchen hacks. What are yours?


  1. I currently have a fractured wrist, dominant right hand, and haven’t been able to cook in almost 3 weeks. I need to go to the Frozen section and find some chopped veggies. Great hacks! Thanks for posting


  2. Sweet. Cooking is fun, and you’ve got some perfect little fixes for things that would be otherwise difficult.
    Let’s see… mine… well, first it’s the being left-handed thing. so can’t use regular can openers; we’ve got i think an oxo that works whichever hand you prefer and has a good grip. (i love oxo things). and some of my knives are left-handed chef sharpened, with 70/30 profile. that’s a customization but so worth it for fun cooking, and even more so when the other half is a lefty too.
    i love slow cookers like crockpot and similar. i have a big one (maybe 3 or 4 liters?) and a small one (two big bowls of soup worth). i love making soups with them, and my other half sometimes cooks a lot of chicken in it, then dividing per his dinner meat size and prepackages and freezes the protein. my soups are always veggie based, whatever is around, current favorite starting to be dried split peas. rinse, wash, soak, change water, add then to the cooker, with enough water, put it on. after an hour, add whatever other veggies available and in the mood for.
    a few practical things too. i love pairing knives. those are the tiny ones you’d use for cutting a small fish or small fruit. but since it’s more precise, use them for whatever you want because often easier. i also got some knorks – those are like forks but both sides can work as a cutting tool too. good for lefties and righties as you need one hand only, and it’s got a good balance. and glasses – i love things like nutella jars, those that are the glass shape, as they are easy to drink from. so no regular wine glasses on daily use as those are too easy to break when trying to find your glass.
    i got recently a big pack of chef kitchen towels, like a 24 pack i think. lovely when you can just use as many as needed for spills etc and have a pile of clean ones around.
    i have also a few small transparents dots on oven and microwave controls so i can find some functions with just by touch

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  3. Order! Everything must go in its place. That way I don’t panic when I can’t find it.
    Mason jars – I store everything in them and so can see whats in there at a glance.
    Ikea boxes – the small lidless ones which I use to keep herbs and spices in order – curry spices together, baking and dessert, tex mex and chilli, green herbs – each to its own box.
    Label machine – Dymo or Brother make good ones.
    If I didn’t do this stuff we’d never get to eat before 10! Or end up with 8 pots of curry spice etc 😁

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