Thank You!

I’ve been feeling pretty down and disillusioned lately. Some family stuff happening, that I won’t get into, but which has left me feeling very vulnerable. And so, I’ve been feeling very down and self-conscious about my writing. Thinking things like “how on earth did I ever think I could write well?” And “I’m not a writer, I’m an imposter.” And even “maybe I should just stop blogging as I’m clearly boring everyone”.

And just as I’m about to give up, someone sends me a comment about how much they enjoy my blog. Some tell me they have changed their views about autism due to something I’ve written. Or that they understand their kids a bit better. Or understand themselves a bit better. Some even suggest I write a book.

I just want to take a minute to thank all those people that have encouraged me over the years. It really means so much to me.

And I want to add, if you have something supportive to say to a blogger, if they have helped you or you enjoy their writing, please let them know. It could mean the difference between their giving up or staying at it.

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